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Thread: Dead laser = mod chip candidate?

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    Dead laser = mod chip candidate?

    I tried this in the newb forum but I guess I my thoughts conveyed were convoluted..

    My kids Wii doesn't read disks at all.
    I soft modded it today (under peer pressure) and messed around with some homebrew. Kool....but the Wii is still broken.
    I'll have to disassemble the box, repair or replace the drive.

    I know the laser is $10 and a drive shell with glass and motors is around $40.

    My question is should I bother to chip it since I'll have the drive out or should I just replace the laser and call it good?

    I see there are complete pre modded drives for around $110 and the chips I've skimmed over range up to $75.

    My kids are happy with Wii ported "Super Tux" right now and I have dusted off the old PS1.

    I'd like to know what my best option is, since the console will be in pieces regardless. I would like to be able to back up since my kids are careless with DVDs. I'd also like to expand its functionality as much as possible. I am not opposed to spending the money if I'm getting something for it.
    My wife was about to send the Wii to Nintendo were it not for my veto.


    Oh yeah...It's an older Wii and was last upgraded to 4.2U. It has a D2C chipset.
    Everything here is amazing to me!

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    think you been nipping the bottle there while you were cleaning that laser? As for your question, only you can justify what to do, thread closed.


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