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Thread: Uniiloader 0.97.7 problems start with number of games

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    Uniiloader 0.97.7 problems start with number of games

    Hi to all

    first i want to thx Sorg for his uniiloader

    now my problem. The problem start when i try to put more then 80 games title to my wbfs-folder. Uniiloader freezes at the start screen sometimes (very often). The more games i put in the wbfs folder the often uniiloader freezes. if i put all 140 titles on uniiloader freezes each start. It is very difficult to figure out when uniiloader becomes corrupted because sometime it starts. It seems to have nothing to do with one special game title.

    I'm a programmer and i think there are the following possibilities that could bring uniiloader in this situation:
    - overflow of a static table (index)
    - length of the game title names
    - font with not handled characters (okami special "o" in front)
    - to much images, to big images

    the games are named as GameID.wbfs but 2 of them are different named as conduit2.wbfs and a other one with spaces in the name. I will change this and test it again and came back to this later. - ok this is not the problem, i've tested that, no more special names in my games collection

    every game for itself is running fine also the problem games like CODBO oder SMSB. the most game titles are pal titles but this seems to be independant from this problem.

    my EmuNand is uneek+di from modmii red theme without any other installations just the uniiloader channel 0.97.7
    I have 140 game titles and all in wbfs-format.
    my usb drive is a 320 gb platnium with 3gb fat32 32kb clustersize as primary activ with the modmii nand plus covers/DVD/140 game images.
    the second partition is a ntfs partition also primary with one wbfs folder, one file per game

    any suggestions what i can test or try?
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