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Thread: Wii sales hit the 7 million mark worldwide

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    Thumbs up Wii sales hit the 7 million mark worldwide

    The hot-selling Wii breaks another barrier in its quest to overtake the Xbox360 in total sales.


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    Big Nitendo... Itīs back...

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    wow, i just got my wii, and its very addictive already (i been late for work 3 times this week and its only thursday), but i had no idea it sold that many units.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Favs View Post
    Wikipedia says its sold 13.7 million

    Wii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    wow thats amazing! but sometimes that information on wikipedia is wrong. people edit and play with the pages

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    I know wikipedia can get edited by just about anyone but it's usually quite acurate.

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    Thumbs up wii

    Go wii! wii is gunna win!

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    It's all about the game play not about the graphic. All other console still focusing on the graphic. That's why wii is a big hit.

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    I knew it!

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