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Thread: Hello im new here!!! and acouple questions =)

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    Hello im new here!!! and acouple questions =)

    Howdy i am new here so hello to everyone!!!

    Just got a new Wii and ordered my Wiikey2 with wiiclip, Should be arriving soon.

    I was reading that my modchip may block games from automatically updating my firmware. Is this correct or do i need to DL brick blocker or something else? I will be playing pal and ntsc games... Also what the best way to play old Nintendo, snes games? do i need a special program to play the ones Ive Downloaded?

    Thanks for your help!!!


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    yes, wad manager, installing is the best


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    Thanks admiral!!! So yes to the mod chip blocking the upgrades? or yes i need to install brickblocker on each game before burning the backup?

    and is wad manger just to play old games and homebrew stuff? is there a way to play old games without installing programs on the wii?

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    chip blocks updates, once u update it
    wiiware/IOS's/ and VC games

    you can use emulators, but VC games are perfect recreations

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    Awesome!!! so i think i got the gist of it. Heres how i see the order of installs.

    1. Downgrade to 3.2 install homebrew, starfall and wad related stuff
    2. install chip
    3. upgrade chip software
    4. install the wads
    5. play games!!!

    Does that sound correct?

    Oh and do i need a game cube controller to play VC games, or can i use the standard wii or classic controller they sell?

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    anyone have an idea if that order of install looks good??? =)

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    yeah, you'll install homebrew 1st, then downgrade and install the other stuff,

    By doing that before installing the chip, You'd need a legit copy of zelda.


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