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Thread: NeoCD-Wii v0.5

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    NeoCD-Wii v0.5

    NeoCD-Wii is a port of the NEO-CD REDUX GameCube emulator, originally coded by Softdev. This is a Neo-Geo CD emulator.

    *fixed artifacts on left screen border.
    *Video modes options : interlaced, progressive and filter on/off.
    *Configurable buttons (Wiimotes, Classic Controllers).
    *Games default folder : neocd.
    *Ability to save settings.
    *Browse games by page.

    Download NeoCD-Wii v0.5

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    thank you! what? says "NO BIOS AVAILABLE!" after i load it from homebrew.

    saw in v0.4 thread:
    BIOS File

    The emulator needs a NeoGeo CD/Z bios to run. Put your NeoCD.bin file in bios folder. ???
    Working bios files :
    NeoCD.bin md5 f39572af7584cb5b3f70ae8cc848aba2 crc32 df9de490
    NeoCD.bin md5 11526d58d4c524daef7d5d677dc6b004 crc32 33697892

    snagged a neocd.bin file (not sure if it's even correct one). but what bios folder? i even tried creating one in neocd folder and placed bin in there. im using fat32 usb btw. done pretty much all other emulators except this one. what's the deal mate? anyone's help is greatly appreciated.
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