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Thread: Windows Trying to Repair my Wii SD Card

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    Question Windows Trying to Repair my Wii SD Card


    I've been running a softmodded Wii for a couple of years with no problems
    and have a question about the SD card I'm using to run the homebrew

    First off all, the homebrew on my Wii works perfectly fine, the question is
    about the SD card itself. The SD card is a 1GB card. The homebrew content
    is occupying 180MB of this card. I measured this by selecting all files and
    checking the total filesize. The problem is that when I plug it into my
    computer, it says 736MB is occupied. My Wii itself also seems to think
    736MB is occupied, as I recently tried to do a NAND backup, and it got
    aborted because not enough space was available.

    When I plug the SD card into my computer, Windows prompts me with
    a dialog telling me the SD-card is partially corrupted, and it asks me whether
    it can repair it. My question is whether it'd be safe to let Windows repair the
    SD card. I wouldn't want my homebrew to go broken because of repairing the
    SD card. I'm 99.99% sure that I'm only using 180MB worth of files as I closely
    note which Apps and Wads I have on my SD card. I also remove unnecessary
    wads as soon as possible (eg. old IOS update's). I would however like to free
    this +-500MB corrupted space to be able to backup my Wii's NAND, ... .

    My SD Card is partially corrupted. Can I repair it using the Windows repair
    system, or will that remove hidden files or different-file-system files needed
    by my softmodded Wii? Note that it still works fine, there is just a 500MB
    sector on it I can't use.

    Thanks in advance,

    - Jelle

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    Try to back up everything then format it.

    That should work.

    Do you have different partitions on it?

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    Thanks for the reply. My SD card has only a single partition.
    I'll do the formatting and report here on whether it worked
    when I get home again. I can only test it saturday because
    I won't be home untill then.

    I was just worried that some of the homebrew content might
    have created hidden partitions or data in a different filesystem
    that shouldn't be erased.

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    You don't say which system version you are using? If its 4.0+ then you can use an SDHC car up to 32GB. I use a 4GB SDHC card in my 4.3E.

    I would copy everything of the card to your computer then do a full format not a quick one. The size of the card will always show less then the stated size.

    SD/SDHC Cards are cheap enough buy a bigger one.

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    I had time to do the format today, and it solved the problem.
    The 500MB that had disappeared is available again. And after
    recopying the original content back on the SD card all homebrew
    seems to work still.

    As for the system menu, I'm fairly sure it's not causing the problem.
    The SD card has worked for 3 years and is a 1 GiB one, so it should
    be compatible with all menu versions. I heard it's only when you get
    to the 4GB range you can get in trouble with that.

    As for the filesize differing from the one stated by Windows, I'm
    aware of that. It's caused by two things;

    - the filesystem requiring space for it's lookup tables
    - the difference between GiB and GB. In advertisements,
    companies always show size in GiB, which is 10^9 bytes,
    while Windows counts in GB which is 2^30 bytes. That's
    what causes the difference.

    But I don't think those would ever take up 50%+ of the
    actual storage space on the card.

    Thanks again for the replies, the problem is now solved.

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    I get this message from Windows all the time about the flash drive being corrupt and Windows needs to fix it. I have tried fixing at times but the error comes back. My new strategy is to ignore this message unless something else is not working.


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