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Thread: Remote not syncing

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    Remote not syncing

    Had/have modded wiis for years. Did a new system last week 4.3u, remotes have been working fine for a week. All of the sudden i cant sync with any of them. I have 8 of them and tried em all. YES i put new batteries in, and YES i've tried another wired sensor bar. System is on autoboot so goes right into gx loader. Hate to have to exchange it and remod all over again. ANY suggestions ?? thnx

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    I think you have to sync them in the main menu, not the loader, for it to really work.
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    How do I get in that menu from priiloader if my rm doesn't work. System is set to autoboot

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    Easiest way is to get a GC controller I think.

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    im hoping if i can get to system menu and get into controller settings i can resync it there. guess thats my only option of now, gotta goto the store & buy one though. even tried the skateboard, obviously didnt connect either. if the gc controller doesnt let me or help me do it, the only way i can see is to return it, may be a hardware issue with the syst.

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    the keyword to my problem was GX and system was in autoboot so i could not get to main system menu.


    - boot to priiloader holding power and reset button @ same time during start up

    - using a GAME CUBE CONTROLLER select boot to system menu
    (thnx bluphant for the suggestion)

    - it wont go straight to system menu, it gets to the "black press A to continue screen"
    the game cube controller will NOT take u any further, However at that point i was able to do standard sync process and connect my Wii Remote

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    Quote Originally Posted by pipeandwire View Post

    game cube controller from gamestop $14.99, XL chalupa meal from taco bell while i was out $4.99, bluphant saving my hours of returning and remodding my wii ......priceless
    LMAO...Good stuff......

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