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Thread: PAL GameCube games not playing on NTSC w/wiikey2

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    Ca PAL GameCube games not playing on NTSC w/wiikey2


    From what I've read here and elsewhere on the 'net it seems the wiikey2 is supposed to be able to play any region gamecube (and wii) games...

    The NTSC games I downloaded work fine, the PAL (RE Code Veronica & Eternal Darkness) do not. I either get unreadable disk from wii menu or game shows up and does nothing once booted.

    Are there any special tricks to getting PAL gamecube games to work on my NTSC wii???


    p.s. tried multiple versions of same games in case iso's were corrupt and after 3 PAL eternal darkness iso's and 2 Code Veronica iso's I'm baffled.

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    Hello my friend,

    No wiikey2 plays all the pal games but almost 70% of Ntsc games or vice versa it depends on what region you are,so if you put another region's game either Wii or Gamecude it is not sure that it will play.

    And by the time it plays the pal i think it is ok with wiikey2.Just try other games of gamecube to test it

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    You can also use GeckOS in the Homebrew Channel to force boot with PAL50 or PAL60 and sometimes get lucky. I am having the same issue with several PAL games that won't play with Wiikey2 and/or GeckOS. I have also tried obtaining several different ISOs to make sure they were not corrupt. 100% of my NTSC games play and most of the PAL.

    I do scrub all of my ISOs to remove the updates, so I am not sure if this is having any affect on the PAL games vs NTSC. I use Wiu for this. I have also tried changing the region of the ISO to NTSC, but that does not correct the problem.
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    if u got starfall gc region free, uninstall and youll be fine

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    Intersting.... I did have Starfall update blocks and region free installed, but then realized it was causing problems with my Wiikey2 update disc, so I uninstalled the region free and update block, but left the rescue option (hitting 1 on gamecube controller to fix bricked Wii option), but am still having the problem with some PAL games. I could try to just remove starfall alltogether.

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    so whats the solution here?

    I've got a PAL wii with wiikey2 and i'm trying to play a PAL copy of eternal darkness and it's not working. definately not a burn problem either as MGS:TTS works fine.

    whats the solution here?

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    Hey boys,

    I have an NTSC Wii, and I burned a PAL version of Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes.
    Now my problem is this... I have every possible WiiBackUp Loader, GeckoOS, GameCube Loader. And none of them will get the burned MGS: TTS to work.
    Can anyone help me on this, would be a real benefit.



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