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Thread: WODE Jukebox

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    WODE Jukebox

    does anyone have this? If so does it allow the wii to play games that you downloaded and copied to an external hard drive via the computer? Also can you play emulated games on the wii with only this such as snes, gamecube, and n64? Do you know if you can still update your wii while using this? Also is the WODE up datable as well? Lastly is this the only thing you need to play emulated, downloaded, and copied games "copied games to hard drive"? Or do you still need a software mod and/or hardware or usb mod? Thanks for any help to these questions! Im new to this..

    and and also with the wii moded with this, or other mod, can you play PAL on a NTSC system without any problems?
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    I think you should really take a minute and read the site rules really close. We do not support (PIRACY) here at WiiHacks!

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