The Supercard Team have finally released to their Supercard DSTWO SDK. The ds2sdk is an interface of application layer and driver layer.
It's collection of GCC compiler, ds2 hardware driver library, some open source library and an example. It's released to help software lovers to develop program which run on DSTWO.

Compared with the previously released SDK, What is the difference of this release SDK?

The release of the SDK contains the biggest bright spot is that the underlying hardware code, also that is source code of libds2b.a,
specifically, JZ and FPGA / NDS communications source code. I think the part is the SDK owners who most want to see.
The only regret is that you can not see, can not modify the FPGA program, because of the need to maintain compatibility,
so the FPGA program will not be easily altered. However, the space left for us has been great. For example, with the NDS program,
if interested, you can improve DS2 data transfer, or release of more robust, more practical, and operational SDK.
Also, you can develop DS2 Linux with this release of the SDK, it may be tempting to many people, and the long-awaited thing.

Download Supercard DSTWO SDK v1.2
Source- Supercard Forum