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Thread: Need a few pointers

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    Need a few pointers

    Hi all,

    Wonder if i could have a few pointers or help on 2 small problems i have with wiiflow i have used the search but not sure how to search for the results i need

    first one is i use wiiflow but only one of the wiiflow themes will work (the one with chinese/japanese writing on) all the others just make the screen go black then return to the wii system menu again (the dvd drive does flash a few times ) what could cause this any fixes or pointers to what section the answer would be in would be a great help, the other question which i know is listed somewhere on here as i read it many months ago is how to get wiiflow to go back to wiiflow menu after you have finished a game rather than having it load the wii system again, as i say i have tried searching for these but i cant find the anwers so im hoping someone can give me the right locations for the info i need
    many thanks in advance

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    ok,think i have found the answers in that i need priiloader installed to get wiiflow to autoboot then return to wiiflow menu after exiting game,

    am i right in thinking that there is no way of booting wii to system menu first but after exiting game the wiiflow always returns to the wiimenu?


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