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Thread: 4.2u Wrecked by Child

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    4.2u Wrecked by Child

    I'm new here, so hello to everyone first!

    OK, I have one of the original Wii's, hard modded a while back. First, there was an accidental upgrade to 4.2u a year ago, which destroyed hombrew, etc. but after days of research and the right files, I was able to get it back. I had all of my wads and USB loader working fine. I haven't used the Wii in quite some time after that, but recently, my neighbor was watching my home and their kid decided to play his original Sonic Colors on my Wii! I believe there was an update to that game, because now I'm screwed.

    My system still says 4.2u, but that update killed my USB loader, external disc access, and wads are giving me -2011 errors or something like that. The USB loader is asking for unstubbed 249 or 222. I spent 8 hours reading through topics, and trying everything from reinstalling cios 249?, then trying to remove it with MMM and anytileremover; Nothing works -one program will give errors, another may freeze. I then read that 249 was obsolete in GAF's upgrade tutorial and went the d2x route. It went through most of the stages, then shot out errors at the end, so another no-go.

    I still have the Homebrew channel and all emulators, etc.. work, but I would love to have the ability to run wads and my USB loader again. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    Resoftmod with the any wii guide on this site.
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    yea do as oddgriffin says follow the softmod any wii guide I have a link to it in my signature.

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    thats the best way, resoftmod using maurifog guide. Good luck, next time install priloader and enable block online and disc updates, then no more need to worry.

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    Thanks all -- going to do the softmod guide now, and definitely adding priloader.


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