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Thread: Can I softmod with a 256MB SD then NAND backup to 4GB SDHC?

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    Can I softmod with a 256MB SD then NAND backup to 4GB SDHC?

    Hi guys,

    I think I'm ready to go forward with the softmod (4.3E, got SSBB so going to use the PAL SmashStack) but I only have a small (256MB) SD card while I have a handful of 4GB SDHC cards. Can I use the 256MB SD for the intial softmod and then use the 4GB SDHC to backup the NAND?

    From what I understand, Wii v.4.0+ can read SDHCs, it's just SSBB which can't read SDHC, so surely once the inital softmod has started I might be able to use an SDHC?


    Edit: Also posted in the 1000+ page "ANY" tutorial but figured it might get lost in there. Will echo any answers in this thread over there and from there over here so future searches etc can find it more easily.

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    Do not cross-post. "Lost"? I think not, you click your name and then click "latest posts" and see after the one in mauifrog's guide has gotten any replies. Do not cross-post!

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