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Thread: I need advice to Re-Mod/ Starting From Scratch

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    I need advice to Re-Mod/ Starting From Scratch

    Hey Wii Bosses,
    I Modded my console quite some time back and it has been wonderful.
    I ran backups like a dream and enjoyed freedom of a homebrewed console. Then I modded for VC and Wii Ware and since then all of my back ups have been lack luster and some games that did play don't and whatever.

    Point is,
    I can't remember which programs I have installed anymore and what to update and whatever, so I figure I should set my Wii back to factory default and start the mod from the ground up.
    This will allow me to do the USB set up, maybe do a region change, stuff I didn't do before and now I'll keep in mind while I re-mod.

    Is this the best path?

    If so, can someone link me the optimal tutorial for setting to factory default?
    From there I'll browse around and find all of my perks I want for the console and do the really awesome upgrades.

    Thanks so much for your help guys, I look forward to your replies.

    BTW, has anyone played Xenoblade... I hear its awesome.
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    No, do not factory reset an just follow the softmod any wii guide in my sig

    Also read and accept the forum rules, also in my sig
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