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Thread: Neo Gamma Disc Error (1208)

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    Neo Gamma Disc Error (1208)

    Heya, well I'm kinda a nooby wii hacker (I had my brother take care of ours) and I'm trying to make a friends Wii run back ups. I assume that I installed everything correctly, but Im getting this disc error when I try to run a back-up.

    Well my friend recently bought his wii (refurbished so who knows how long ago it was made, it's 4.3U) so I hacked it using the "Softmod any Wii" guide. I was able to instal HBC without any issues, but I couldn't get Priiloader to work. After this I played around with Cios' and got it working. Even after this NeoGamma wouldn't work.

    Since DVDs seemed like a dwindling possibility, I decided to install USB Loader GX (using this guide: Failtube link removed). While following the guide I noticed that I could install cIos' much more efficiently. So after making sure I had the Trucha Bug, and properly Installing cIos 249, I tried NeoGamma again, no dice.

    I know the problem isn't in the disc (since it works fine with my Wii), and the USB Loader works on my friends Wii. So is there anything else I can try, or should I just assume that this Wii can't run back-ups?
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    Wii Drive Chip Database - Serial Number Estimation

    ^Plug your Wii's serial number into that. It's not fool proof, but would likely give you an answer (D3-2 or D4 = no backups via optical/DVD will work and only USB HD would be your avenue in such a case). Please don't post links to failguides, this community supports the guides that are here --- not fixing some other site's failguide.

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    This is from our error index..
    DVD Read Error:
    Bad burn use a better quality disc(Verbatim DVD-R) burn at 2x or 4x using imgburn.Could be a bad iso dump.
    Also, we don't support external guides. If you have a question regarding that external guide, go there and ask your question.
    And please don't link to external guides either, as it's against site policy and will be removed.

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    Try following a guide from this site, we do not support other sites guides, thank you thread closed.


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