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Thread: playing online with wiiconnect24 turned off

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    playing online with wiiconnect24 turned off

    Hi Guys/Gals.

    im new here so please allow my ignorance if the answer is obvious.

    I Have a couple of questions.

    Is it possible to play say, mario cart on line if i have wii connect turned off.

    It appears it wants me to turn it on but i dont want any auto updates.Same with news channel,that also states connect24 must be on.

    Im am on version 4.3e using maugfrogs brilliant guide to softmod.

    Secondly,does the wii go through a start up and run procedure when playing discs.

    So for example,i have a faulty dvd drive so if i totally removed my disc drive would it fail to access a channel because it goes though some kind of self system check ?

    many thanks


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    Wiiconnect is not needed for online play. It is used to keep some of your channels updated (like news and weather, not to update the system). If you properly followed Maui's guide then you have nothing to worry about anyhow. Priiloader is there to keep Nintendo from sneaking any system updates in on you. Again, that is assuming that you followed the guide correctly....priiloader installed and hack enabled.
    As far as your drive issue...not sure on that one. I would guess that removing it would not make a difference, but hardware issues are not an area I have experience in.

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    I might be wrong but I seem to remember usbloaders needing a dvd drive plugged in. Unless you're replacing the drive I would simply leave it in.

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    Yes, the drive must be "seen" by the system, even if it doesn't work (ie, bad laser). A dead drive (electrically) = no joy.

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    many thanks for the replys guys..

    yes it appears i do need the dvd drive in place.

    thanks again



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