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Thread: cloning please help!!!

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    cloning please help!!!

    new to the wii modding i have two wii's. the one in the living room was modded by a guy i use to work with (no longer in contact) and he also backed up my games on a hd. i have modded my sons wii using the soft mod any wii by mauifrog and recently bought another hd to set up. first off do i use wbfs manager or wii backup manager to clone the drive? secondly do i partion the drive before formating in wbfs or wii backup manager? also is there a way to find out if he used wbfs or wii backup manager and will that determine which one i use?

    you guys are awesome and thank you in advance,

    bobby joe

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    If you can access the drive on a pc then your drive is probably fat32 and you could use backup manager to clone it. If your drive has a partition that the pc won't read then it's more than likely wbfs format and you would use wbfs manager. Partition the drive and then format it before transferring anything over. Another option is to use the usb loading link in my signature and simply rip the games onto the new drive from the disc if you don't want to mess with cloning.


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