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Thread: GX 2.2, d2x v6, and WBFS formatted drives

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    GX 2.2, d2x v6, and WBFS formatted drives

    I have noticed quite a few issues with WBFS formatted drives after the installation of d2x and upgrading to GX 2.2, most of them involving the drive not being recognized. Even after deleting the old GX config files, verifying HBC 1.0.8 running on IOS58, and verifying their drives were listed as compatible the issue still seems to exist. As a stroke of luck I have seen some users who solved their issues by reinstalling d2x via the newest installer, even though their syschecks showed d2x was already installed. From the bits and pieces of info I have gathered, they had previously installed d2x using the wads or an older version of the installer. I have since recommended to two other users to try to reinstall d2x with the newest version of the installer, one of which reported that it did indeed solve his issue, and the other has yet to report back.

    I was just curious if anyone else happened to notice this, and if so does anyone have any idea what may have caused this issue.

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    That is interesting. I myself have a WBFS formatted drive lying around somewhere.
    I'll dig it out, blow the dust off and try it out on the wii I just un-bricked that I got
    from fleabay last week.
    I'll try the d2x wads first, and if that don't work, I'll try the latest installer as you suggest.
    Will report back soon.

    EDIT: Okay, installed d2x v6 cIOS from maui's latest cIOSpack, and ran a syscheck.
    All cIOS installed fine, but learned when checking syscheck, that this Wii I un-bricked
    has cIOSCORP/Darkcorp installed. Don't know if that contaminates the experiment lol.

    Anywho, installed GX 2.2, plugged in my old WBFS formatted HDD, booted Wii, booted
    GX, and the drive is visible. All games show up. The HDD is a WD elements 320gb,
    full WBFS format. No partitions.


    As stated above, don't know if cIOSCORP would've affected the outcome
    But atleast there is a solution with the the most recent installer.
    Keep up the good work.
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    Mine is working good as well. I have the same setup as in my guides and using GX 2.2 and a WBFS drive. Have you tried fixing this issue with d2x cIOS Installer 3.0? Keep in mind that the d2x cios installer 3.1 installs d2x v7b1 there are might be some of this issues fixed completely. Just my 2 cents

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