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Thread: Wii bundle for sale

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    Wii bundle for sale

    Hey guys,

    I need some extra money for bills, so I am putting my Wii bundle up for sale.

    Its the classic white Wii with the Wasabi DX chip, comes with 2 motion controllers and both of them have the Motionplus attachments. Also, they both have brand new rechargeable battery packs and the cables necessary to charge them. It comes with all necessary cables, including component AND composite. Plus I will give you what burned games I have. I have played this system maybe 10 times since I got it, so it is in perfect condition. It doesn't even have any dust on the rear fan.

    I am looking to get less than what I have in this thing, and 130 sounds about right to me. I will throw in priority shipping for free.

    If you guys want pics or anything, please let me know.


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    burned games?

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    Yes, on DVD-R's.

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    hmmm....well if the originals are included then I will save my fail thread pic for later.....btw yes it would have been appropriate to include that information

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    I figured it was acceptable since they are backups. Supposed I should have made it clear that this bundles comes with the originals as well.

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    Is the Wasabi DX on a clip?

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    The burned games are worthless but the rest sounds SWEET!

    Also, I would refrain from sending your backed up software through the mail even it if is with the originals. It's a very controversial and misunderstood situdation. Mod chips are, too, though. There was a guy who was selling Mod Chipped systems and the feds busted into his house and STOLE all of his electronic hardware. He was one of my stepsibliongs friends or something. Don't have a link to a news report though. He probably wasn't legit or the situation might be different, but it's what's been preventing me from modding game systems for people. I mostly do cosmetic stuff or things like heatsinks now.

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    Still Available?


    Are you still trying to sell this?

    What games are you including (the original discs and cases)?

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