Xorloser released a new version of XexTool.
This is a tool to extract information on an xex file. It will print out xex information to the console, alter xex attributes, extract executable code and other basefiles and create idc scripts files to help with disassembling the extracted executable code.
Note: Any altered or created retail xex files will not be correctly signed.

What's new/fixed:
* fixed an issue where some xex files would not boot such as kinect xex files.
* changed the special patching to list and let you select which patches to apply. patches are done via bitflags so that multiple patches can be selected in one go.
* changed the internal search and patch data for special patching of xam and xbdm to support all known versions of these files.

X360GameHack v6.3 has also been released - it's an easy-to-use GUI for XexTool v6.3.

Download XexTool v6.3/X360GameHack v6.3
Source- xbins.org