"We have implemented online check and auto-update features on Lizard Toolbox this will allow you keep your Lizard related stuff up to date. To get the update the first time please go to the Download page and grab the TBX application 1.40

The online check is easy to use, just go to "Settings Tab" and then the "Check Lizard Updates" button. It will inform you if your files need update and will update them. This include updates to the Lizard Toolbox application itself and also updates the Fileset Templates. Currently will not download the SD Card files, for update those you still need visit the blog

We plan keep posting the Fileset updates on the Blog for those who choose do manual updates. We also will continue posting the latest TBX version on the download page for those who need it manually.

We have currently setup a fake 1.41 versioin so everybody can test the update feature as the following Video, so if you end having 1.40 or 1.41 dont worry it still the same version relabeled."

Source- Maximus 360 Lizard