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Thread: USB Loader + Other Questions Inside

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    USB Loader + Other Questions Inside

    First of all, I am sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place. Tell me where to post this if not here.
    Secondly, I am new to this, so please bear with me.
    Thirdly, I have already installed the Homebrew channel. Nothing else.

    Okay, I have been trying for about the past two days to get USB Loader onto my wii. I already have the homebrew channel. Where in the world do I find ALL of the files for it? Ever time I download a file it has one .dol file and that's it! Nothing more. I need the file folders, config folders, app folder, etc.

    Next if you include a download link with everything I will need, I will need to know what CIOS (whatever that is) to install if I want to use my FAT32 USB hard drive. I have what I need preloaded onto it waiting to go. For whatever reason, I was TRYING to use WBFS loader but it decides it never wants to copy anything over to my hard drive, so this is the only way I can.

    I am running firmware 4.3U if that helps any. I could also use instructions. Like, what files to install, what CIOS, stuff like that. I am so confused with this, basically because I have never done anything like this before in my life. I could really appreciate the help .

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    follow maurifog guide it will better lead you to the right direction. the link is in my signature.

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    Homebrew Channel alone is not enough. There is a "must read for noobs" link in my signature, read it. After you read that, follow maui's guide as suggested in post #2. There is a Softmod ANY wii link in my signature too.

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    Thanks for all of the help so far. Right now, I am having trouble with the CIOS-PACk.ZIP file. WinRAR is having trouble with it. Any tips?

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    Any questions relating to the guide you are following should be asked in the guides thread....


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