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Thread: WiiMC Channel Installer 1.9

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    WiiMC Channel Installer 1.9

    App to install WiiMC Channel. It has complete NTFS and USB 2.0 support.

    Download WiiMC Channel Installer 1.9
    Source- WiiMC

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    i failed to install the channel
    when i click install button, there are dumb code 0 0 0 or something like that
    and then return to Multi mod manager menu
    how to fix that??
    I'm not good in english, so forgive me if I wrote the wrong word

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    Not just a forwarder?

    READ READ READ I really should have read before I posted in this thread...
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    Quote Originally Posted by workingmom201 View Post
    I successfully installed, but when I run it, it goes back to the system menu. Is this just a forwarder?
    Yes it is.
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    Sorry this is an old tread but its related. I've use WiiMC for along time and I've installed wiimc106.wad with MMM but when you click on it it shows 1.0.6 as the name suggests. When you click on the logo top right it says there is an update available which I click to dowload and install it says ok. Now I added the 1.3.2 update to the SD card a while ago but it still says update available.

    Ok I removed the WiiMC channel and downloaded the WiiMC Channel Installer 1.9 and added it to the SD card and ran it from HBC. Everytime I run it, it says installation failed as said above any ideas why, has anyone else tried to install the WiiMC channal?

    Why can't you edit a post after you've made one? It would be nice if we could have a signature to add system info as well.

    Anyway I forgot to add Wii 4.3E, HBC 1.1.0 on IOS58, USB Loader GX, CFG USB Loader, WiiFlow

    Ok another update I tried to install it a couple of times but it said installation failed so I put back wiimc106.wad. I tried it one more time and it said uninstall channel so it must have seen the old wiimc106. I uninstalled it in Wii Channels and went back and installed it again. It installed this time and it works and shows v1.3.2. These Wii's are worse than computers.

    So at the moment problem solved.
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    You should have an edit post button, left of "reply" and "reply with quote". I merged your three posts to one.

    Glad you have things figured out.
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    Wow... that's a fairly big fail --- not to mention, posting to a thread that's been dormant for a year now


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