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Thread: lost... try everything some of my game won't boot anymore

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    lost... try everything some of my game won't boot anymore

    For 2 years now did not have any problem with hacking the Wii.Then, I bought splinter cell and I had some problem to load it from USB. Then I said to my self you have to upgrade something. Then I found the d2x cIOS and I manage to make my new game working from USB but at the same time I notice some other do not work anymore from USB like zelda, sonic color, little kings story's etc. They load until I see the WIImote on the screen then it is like the WIImote disconnect then blackscreen... But they still working from DVD back up or original game. Then after trying a couple of things like re install game on USB, follow the MAUIFROG guide to redone everything even ios update, upgrade usbloader, try cfg loader and so on. no success!!! Probably just missing something. Someone have any clues?

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    Look up and read the d2x cios tutorial. You will see that it puts your cios into different slots, with different bases. you may just have to select which ios to use for the games which have a fault, I'm sure if you are using CFG loader it tells you which error.
    In the settings change the game load ios and save it job done.

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    Will try it later thanks

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