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Thread: Connection issue with Rock Band 2 drums. Help anyone?

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    Connection issue with Rock Band 2 drums. Help anyone?

    So, I bought the Rock Band 2 bundle, plugged in the drumkit and played as expected. Then, 2-3 weeks later, my drumkit couldn't connect to the console.

    I tried everything: turn off the router (interference issues), turn off cellphones, sending it to the store (I live in Chile, so it's a bit complicated and expensive to send it to EA or Harmonix or whatever it is), going into an signal-isolated room, and replacing the drumkit's batteries. Still, my drumkit won't connect.

    Does anyone know why is this happening and how do I solve this?

    I need to say that my warranty has expired, and that the guitar can connect normally in the same conditions as the drumkit.

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    Tell me something... the site rules --- have you read'em? Your multiple threads started all on the same thing says you haven't -- other thread here, please stick to one thread.

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    One thread per topic please.


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