cOz released a new version of Dash Launch build for XDK-homebrew 360s.

What's new/fixed:
* hddalive was defaulted to true instead of false, fixed
* xell launch now shuts off usb device (fixes issues with xell reloaded)
* xell launch simplified to allow for variable sized xell bins
* added jtag debug support to patches and export var (thanks Nate!)
* reworked devkit signed xex loading. Faster, dll dev xex working again (thanks Anthony!)
* fix forza 4 (and maybe others - thanks Nate!)

Known Bugs
- Thanks to excellent testers, none were corned by the time of this writing. If
you find any during use, find the release thread at xbox-scene and please
report them there.
- in freestyle 1.7 and earlier, there was a minor glitch that caused console
crashing for some people under rare circumstances, if you haven't updated
to RC1.8 or newer please do so.
- corrupt games when launched return to NXE to display the corrupt game UI

Source- xbins