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Thread: Help with tigerwoods12 for wii

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    Help with tigerwoods12 for wii

    I've got a soft modded Wii and need someone with hex editor expertise. All I play is Tiger Woods 12 online. There's an option called "All Play" for new players that shows you where the shot is going.

    This is disabled for online play, but I know it can be circumvented. Have seen videos and been in touch with a guy in England who made it work. He can't help because he's on the PAL system.

    I have the device called a Gecko...which connects the Wii to a pc. I need to find someone who can find the code in the game and eliminate the block. . . and the approximate charge. I am assuming there is no charge if you arenít successful.

    Looking forward to hearing from you! And feel free to ask whatever you need if you doubt this is a legit request.


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    Why did you post this in the Wii U discussion forum in the first place?

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