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Thread: Is it legal to...?

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    Is it legal to...?

    I got a few questions concerning "Is it legal to download a game if..".
    For example, i pretty sure that it is legal(atleast where i live) to download a song you already own, you can also copy the song for "own use".
    I was hoping that someone here know a little more than i do about this.

    Is it legal to download a game if...:
    1. You own the game? Example: Scratchy CD so you can use it.
    2. You lost CD, have everything else, like the case and manual? Example: You lost the CD.
    3. You lost CD1/CD2? Example: RE4 on GC got 2 disc. If you lost CD1, etc..

    If you're answering "No", please explain why it isn't(if you know).

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    No lawyers are present here and laws differ from region to region. A general rule is it is never ok to download this sort of thing, but you should contact the manufacterer of the games for specific details.

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