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    Cover art

    Have wii mc for my video files , that I watch off my console, I wanna know if there is a program or homebrew app for wii that let's me watch my video files from hd but with cover art for my movies kinda like how with gx loader u can downlaod cover art for wii games if u can do the same thing with the movies on your harddrive n have a coverflow view or something like that plz let me know Thanx

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    Not that I'm aware of. But you're right, that would be awesome.
    If you end up finding anything like that let us know.

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    Personal that would be kickass, is it possible to make it , n I am having trouble with snes9x gx getting cover art, .... I have gx on wii n channel but can't get cover art my snes9x gx version 4.2.8 my wii is a NTSC n it's 4.3u


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