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Thread: Need lots of help with wads

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    Need lots of help with wads

    Before reading this, keep in mind that I am a very nooby wii hacker

    So basically i am trying to install wads .They are wads that supposedly show all the songs purchased in rockband 3. It says I should use IOS249, but when I try to use it, my wii remote disconnects and I have to restart the wii. Same exact thing happens with the wii remote when I go to try and use may other IOS (like all the IOS's in the 200's), but I am mainly trying to get into 249. I know that you'll try to get me to use a cIOS or w/e. Idk what that is or even how to use it. I tried to use the wads on IOS58 and IOS80, but now all my actual purchased songs are corrupt and it says the license is deleted from it (it basically did the reverse effect of what I want to do.) Please be grateful and pass all your wonderful wad knowledge to me and to get this working again. Remember to keep in mind that I am a noob hacker and Idk what is the deal with these cIOS's or base 58 or w/e is...
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    read the rules, no piracy here, thread closed

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