Hi :D
I purchased a GameCube long after i bought my Wii for things like trips. I've been getting into some Sega Genesis games I haven't played in a long time, through emulators for my pc (the Genesis broke, I do actually own the games). I know that there are Genesis emulators for the GameCube, and I know it is possible to softmod the Gamecube with GCOS to run DOLs.

I have a softmodded wii and 2 gamecube mem cards. I was wondering, as i don't want to buy an action replay or build an sd card adapter for the gamecube, if it is possible to use GC save transfer apps on my wii to move GCOS and other DOLs from my sd card in my wii to my gamecube mem card. If you know of a way I could do this, or know of a program I could use, if you could tell me it'd be great :).