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Thread: Updated a softmoded wii

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    Updated a softmoded wii

    My wife recently updated my softmoded wii. So now I'm updated to 4.3u and can no longer access my homebrew channels and play my games! What do I need to do to rectify this situation without bricking my wii! Thanks in advance!

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    remod your wii, simple as that...

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    Guessing you didn't follow mauifrog's softmod in the first place --- Priiloader prevents what your (not so) better half did. It should be noted The Lounge isn't really the place to ask this.

    Look here:

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    Thanks guys...ur sarcasm is duly noted and accepted! Lol!

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    Look at it this way: I laid the blame at your not-so-great better half. If I wanted to be evil or sarcastic, I'd have asked who did the half-assed softmod in the first place, right?

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    Touche' nightstah touche' lol! I accept partial blame when partial blame is given!


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