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Thread: Need help to play Gamecube backups

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    Question Need help to play Gamecube backups

    I recently used this guide to do a softmod on my white 4.3u wii:

    So far it works great, but I would like to be able to play some gamecube backups on there, mostly Zelda: Wind Waker.

    I am not sure which app is best for this (Neogamma?) and if all the IOS's are correct for doing this. I didn't deviate from the above tutorial at all, so it's set up exactly that way.

    Also, once I get a loader program set up, what is the best way to burn the backups?

    I'm sure that last question is covered in a tutorial already, but I thought I'd throw it in there... sorry for the noob questions.

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    So have you tried making another copy from the original?

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    I am starting the whole process from scratch. I have backed up my kid's wii games already but was wanting to do the couple of Gamecube games he has as well. But I haven't found anything regarding doing this on 4.3u. I've read good things about about Neogamma as well as Gamecube Backup Launcher. But I don't know if the softmod I did is compatible with either of them. When I look at their installations it says I need certain IOS's and I'm not sure if when I did the installation before if I already installed those or not, or if just install what it tells me to I fear bricking me wii. Just wanting to know the best course of action before I dive in.

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    First of all, can your wii play backup dvdrs

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    I believe it can. It's a white wii from like 3 years ago.

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    Okay, I redid my entire softmod by using this guide from this site:

    I burned my Zelda: Wind Waker to disc and ran it through the NeoGamma version that I downloaded using the above guide. At firt it didn't work, then I changed one setting (just guessing what to do). I believe it was the setting to have the gamecube drive use internal. Then I got it to load up, with the intro scene and sound and all, but the picture was all grayed out... kind of like it loaded PAL or something. So I tried to force it to load NTSC 480i and it didn't work, and now I can't seem to get it to load back grayed out any more. Am I missing something? Is there a better loader to use?


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