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Thread: is there a max # of games wii can read on hd?

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    is there a max # of games wii can read on hd?

    i was told on wfbs it is 500? and can fat32 read more than 500 and be stable?
    is this correct?

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    Usb loader GX, and CFG usb loader can read more that 500 games from Fat32 and NTFS.
    Also, I think those loaders can support multiple WBFS partitions now, which works around
    the 500 limit.
    Having said that, how anyone can own 500 games is beyond me.

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    I have 500 games on a 2tb hard drive, its split into 2 partitions, 1.2tb and 800gb , I just put 20 more games on my 2nd partition, now I have told usb loader to "on" for multiple partitions and its see's the new games, problem is they won't play, they freeze the wii, I have the force ntfs and english set. an they still won't work, it works find for the 500 games on the main partition. need help, anyone know what i need to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigz24 View Post
    I have 500 games on a 2tb hard drive
    While there are answers, we dont support piracy here. Closed.

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    You must have spent a lot of money on 500 games?


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