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Thread: Problem with update from Rock Band 3 disc

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    Problem with update from Rock Band 3 disc

    Hi everyone.

    I softmodded my Wii just about a year ago, and recently I bought the Rock Band 3 keyboard bundle. When I put in the disc, it asks me for an update before playing (my Wii is on system menu 4.2u). I tried to update, but it won't let me. I get code 32004 if I try to update via Settings menu (online update).

    As I thought this was no problem to play, I ripped the game to my FAT-formatted HDD. I use CFG USB Loader v70+222. When I try to play the game, the keyboard won't connect, even if there is a solid blue light on the dongle.

    Please tell me:

    1. Is it mandatory to update to (I think) 4.3u in order to play RB3?

    2. If not, is there any way to solve the keyboard connection problem?

    Thanks in advance to any helpful answer.

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    Never except a Nintendo update.... No it is not needed to update to 4.3.

    4.2 and 4.3 system menus were just HB killers and thats it.

    Try using cios 223 to load the game.

    Block online and disc updates in priiloader.

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    Cios 249 rev 21 with 56 base is the best for compatibility.

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    Thanks narse1979, I'll try that in CFG. But, Priiloader says "Hacks.ini not found!"

    Lord-x, how do I install cIOS 249 with base 56? DOP-Mii? or something else?

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    Try this. Deposit Files
    Install it with wad manager.
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    Don't worry, I installed d2x and all worked perfectly. Thank you anyway for the help given. Peace out.

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