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Thread: Xenoblade Chronicles Won't Work

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    Xenoblade Chronicles Won't Work


    I have a Wiikey fusion installed on a 4.1u Wii...the Wii is an older Wii...purchased it like 6 months after the official launch date. My Wiikey fusion works great, reads from SD card...all regions, reads from burned games...all regions, I wanted Xenoblade Chronicles and decided to import this to show my support, and I put it in, my Wii won't recognize it. It is very, very frustrating. I went in the Wiikey settings and sure enough, it is on boot import and stuff.

    Does anyone know anything that can help? I can try softmodding, but I failed horribly last time with the IOS part and had to reformat my Wii. I installed the Fusion in my Wii, but couldn't do that.

    So anyways, does anyone know a solution?

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    Might be worth trying a DVD backup instead of SD card? I have one game that will only play on DVD, not SD.

    I believe some people have said some games work only if they are the only game on the SD card - no idea why that might be the case, but possibly worth trying too.

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    If you downloaded the game from a site somewhere, it is more likely a modified to work with softmodded systems, I haven't seen a clean copy yet. The wiikey fusion only supports clean and unmodified versions by default, aka 1:1 images. You would have to also softmod your wii if you got one of the modified versions.


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