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Thread: Xenoblade Strange Issue/freezing Occurring. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Xenoblade Strange Issue/freezing Occurring. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    So I have been playing a backup scrubbed version of Xenoblade Chronicals for a good while now and have experianced no issues whatsoever. I am about 44 hours into the game and the game starts to glitch up and freeze during gameplay. The music cuts out and I can still run around but the game will freeze if I try to leave the screen. I also can't open menus or the wii menu. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I have tried using different IOS settings in configurable usb loader but they don't seem to fix it.
    here are my specs [spoiler]
    Region: NTSC-u
    System Menu 4.1u(v449)
    Prilouader Installed
    Homebrew channel 1.0.8 running on ios61
    hollywood v0x11
    found 117 titles
    found 42 ios on this console. 8 of them are stub

    ios3(rev65280): stub
    ios4(rev65280): stub
    ios9Irev1034): trecha bug
    iso12(rev526):trucha bug
    ios13(rev1032)trucha bug
    ios14(rev1032)trucha bug
    ios15(rev1032)trucha bug
    ios17(rev1032)trucha bug
    ios21(rev1039)trucha bug
    ios22(rev1294)trucha bug
    Ios28(rev1807)trucha bug
    ios31(rev3608)trucha bug
    ios33(rev3608)trucha bug
    ios34(rev3608)trucha bug
    ios35(rev3608)trucha bug
    ios36(rev3608)trucah bug,es identify, nand access
    ios37(rev5663)trucha bug
    ios38(rev4124)trucha bug
    ios41(rev3348) trucha bug
    ios50(rev5120) trucha bug
    ios51(rev4864)trucha bug
    ios53(rev5663)trucha bug
    ios55(rev5663)trucha bug
    ios56(rev5562)trucha bug
    ios57(rev5919)trucha bug
    ios60(rev6400)trucha bug
    ios62(rev5611)no patches
    ios70(rev6912): trucha bug
    ios80(rev6944) trucha bug
    ios 202[60](rev65535, info: hermes-v5.1) trucha bug, nand access, usb 2.0
    ios222[38] (rev65535, info: hermes-v5.1) trucha bug,es identify, nand access, usb 2.0
    ios224[57](rev65535, info: hermes-v5.1) trucha bug, nand access, usb 2.0
    ios249[56](rev21006, info:dexv6) trucha bug, nand access, usb 2.0
    iso250 (rev65535) trucha bug nand access, usb 2.0
    iso254(rev 65281): bootmii
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    Try making another backup from your original copy...

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    It doesn't help that his SysCheck is non-standard (read: not following a recommended guide)...

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