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Thread: Have To Register Serial Number?

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    Have To Register Serial Number?

    This has been bothering me for a bit now. What's up with having to register the serial before you can download updates? Do they think they are Microsoft now? Do they think I'm going to make copies of the chip and give them to all my friends or sell them on the street corner?

    It really made me mad because after many many hair pulling hours of getting this POS to work when the drive was put in place (it would work fine next to the wii on it's side but stop when put in place) I go to download the update and they want the serial # on the back of the chip which is now under electrical tape and the wii is reassembled! I know it shows up in the wiikey menu when you load a game from SD but I only had one SD card that was big enough for the update but too small for a game. When I received the chip all I got was a plastic bag with the chip and SD reader in it. No paperwork or nothing. I even looked at their online install instructions just to double check I did it right and there was nothing said about it either. Most companies would have put a piece of paper in the bag telling you to be sure to write this info down or you won't get support if needed later. And what was really a slap in the face was the update was 1.5 which specifically said to fix the not reading backups problem which was exactly the problem I was having after hours and hours of trying to get it to do anything at all once the wii was reassembled!!

    So after a few minutes of screaming certain words some might find offensive and throwing a few objects across the room (at that point my wife and son ran and hid in another room) I said a prayer and opened the wii. I get to the chip and carefully remove the electrical tape hoping to see the yellow sticker but all I see is some sticker residue and no sticker!! So I look at the sticky side of the tape and there it is stuck firmly to it. Soooo..after shouting a few more choice words I start to slowly and carefully remove the sticker hoping to get it off intact which thank god I did!!!

    This licensing crap nowadays is getting out of hand!!! I can understand why it's done with software but a chip that is installed inside my wii? Then they are going to hold back an update for a product they knew was full of problems but sent them out anyways and took everyone's money for? Also the biggest problem the chip was having was not reading backups which is why most people buy a modchip to begin with? The only reason I have the Fusion is my old drive with a D2pro (which worked flawlessly from day one) died and had to be replaced. I will NEVER buy any wiikey product or any chip ending with key ever again!!!
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    Have you ever thought about softmodding and playing your backups through a usb loader?

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    Yup! Still thinking about it.


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