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Thread: WiiFlow Not Starting CERTAIN Games

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    Us WiiFlow Not Starting CERTAIN Games

    Okay, i have a Sony Microvault 16GB Hard drive
    Recently, i tried to get some games onto my hard drive, which worked out okay
    the real problem came when i tried to play the games
    Wii flow started one game (DBZKAI Budokai Tenkachi 3)
    but ignored to start any other games(Paper Mario, DB revenge of King Picillo, Legend of Zelda, New super Mario Bros)
    I know that Revenge of King Picillo Works( i tested it on my 4gb Kingston flash drive)
    and, i know that all of the games are NTSC....
    but iim not sure why the other games dont work......
    i know its not a space problem....
    ty for the help in advanced

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    I'd say get the new version of WiiFlow. If that still doesn't work then try a different iso. If THAT doesn't work then it's probably so problem with the drive.
    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you so much
    the problem was the harddrive, it was a sony 16 gb microvault
    only certain games worked on it,
    i would not reccomend this drive
    instead, a kingston 8gb, or a sandsik cruzer

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    get a WD book drive, ive modded many wii's and this is the ONLY ex hdd i use and never had a problem. $75 1tb fits 500 games

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    Not to um, criticize you OP, but a Sony Microvault is not a "hard drive." Thumb drive, sure... there is a difference and not all are created equal.

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    Glad I could help! Please press my thanks button!
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