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Thread: Help with playing back-ups

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    Help with playing back-ups

    I don't claim to be the best at searching the forums but I've done google searching for awhile and I want to know exactly what to do before I waste anymore time and DVD-R discs. As so I have finally been driven to posting in the "Yes I'm a noob" thread; A very humbling act I might add.

    I have owned the Wii since the original wii crave so quite some time ago. I took to softmodding it awhile back and lost intrest then again. When I first softmodded it I burned a backup onto my Memorex (x16) DVD-R of Kirby and was able to play it fine. Since I started again (my friends wanted to play a wii game so I let the wii update to play it) using the wii I want to burn New Super Mario Bros. and play the Another Super Mario Bros addition.

    Anyways since gaining the ambition to burn discs I have tried 2 games - New Super Mario Bros 2: The Next Levels
    - New Super Mario Bros
    I burned the 'next levels' at aroun 2.4x and on NeoGamma it greenscreen crashes and then resets the wii and I burned New SMB at 8x and it says "Disc cannot be read" and if I remove it then it says "Please insert New SUPER MARIO BROS wii". All I really care about is getting New SMB (and Another SMB) to load.

    I am thinking maybe the first was a bad ISO and maybe the 2nd was a bad burn. I cannot find my backup'ed Kirby game or I would verify that it isnt just the reader on the wii. And I dont want to use one of my remaining 2 discs to check if it was too fast of a burn speed on the 2nd. My laptop DVD drive burned the Kirby backup (which works) but I still have questions that its burning poorly. It doesnt read things and for that reason can't verify my burns.

    My laptop is very new and shouldnt have a broken read/write head or anything. Sorry for the wall of text but I know that having ALL the information helps rule out possible issues. I am to the point of thinking about an external HDD and USBloading. Sorry if I missed any important knowledge I will provide a syscheck here incase it might help


    If you wish for me to preform a different syscheck let me know thanks for all/any help!

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    Burn them with IMGBURN at preferably at the lowest speed possible. Or it could be a bad rip of the game-considering you bought it.
    I don't think NSMB 2: The Next Levels is buyable though.. Someone approve this


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    Read this and post a syscheck-->
    I'm assuming the original disks still work though?

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    I posted a syscheck you may have missed it, in the spoiler tag. But incase you prefered a different programs system check I went ahead and did a 2nd syscheck


    My friend has the original right now. You cannot buy Next Levels. And I know my Wii is capable of reading games because my friends played Just Dance about a week ago and I played New SMB awhile back with the original. Thank you for the quick responses and all of your help.

    EDIT: I got the .ISOs from wiiso and I trust the NewSMB one I dont know about the other. And I read not to burn them under half of the DVD-R's rated burn rate and since mine was x16 I tried x8 (for New SMB) IF you think I should try burning at x2.4 again I will but I don't want to waste my last 2 discs if it isnt the burns fault. I could even try burning them on my twins Laptop though his is much older than mine (more than 4 years I think) I already Dld ImgBurn and the .ISO to his computer incase I had to burn with his comp. I tried to verify on his computer but I got an error message about his DVD drive compatibility (I dont think it was an imgburn problem) and I tried dvdinfopro too and was too busy to try to work the problem out with his drive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin Boyle View Post
    I got the .ISOs from wiiso and I trust the NewSMB one I dont know about the other.
    Wiihacks doesn't support piracy. Care to take a look at the forum rules...

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