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Thread: Letterbomb, Black Screen, Need a Little help

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    Letterbomb, Black Screen, Need a Little help

    I'm trying to Letterbomb mod my NTSC 4.3U Wii. I followed the instructions. Typed in the MAC address, downloaded the file, extracted to 4Gb SDHC, put the card in the Wii, got the message. Some typing popped on the screen, then it went black. Waited 15 minutes and the disc drive started blinking. That was over an hour ago. For some tremendously ridiculous reason I can't seem to find out how long the install should take beyond "Twiddle your thumbs, if you're a brit make some tea". I actually went to the store, bought tea, brewed it and drank it while twiddling my thumbs just to be on the safe side, but to no avail. Am I doing something wrong, or did I brick me Wii? What should I do next? I'm afraid to shut it off for fear of interrupting this install process of mysterious lengths.

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    Wow, I feel like an idiot. I guess I missed the part about removing all discs and other media first. Zelda was still in the drive from last time I played my Wii. BootMii and Homebrew channel are successfully installed.

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    Hahaha...Don't worry mate, we've all failed at one time or another lol.

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    LOL Done this before I was modding a a friends wii and he left a game in it. Or try to modd a brand new wii some one brought to you straight from a store had issues with letterbomb as no games were played but always have legos indian jones for a back up.


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