Hi, I hard & soft modded my console some time ago and am now being asked to hard mod a friend's, so am trying to read up on the latest developments and have a few questions...

As I understand it if your Wii is either soft or hard modded you can load scrubbed disks. this being the case, why do people post ISO files for download rather than pre-scrubbed images? this seems like a waste of bandwidth!

Also, I have scrubbed images then rar-ed them to save space, but have found that using WiiBackup Manager I can convert ISO's to WBFS files and back easily, and this saves having to then rar the scrubbed image (and is also faster than scrubbing + rar-ing), are there any problems with doing this?

If I have a modchip fitted and have set the chip to block updates, other than via the internet is there any way the Wii can be updated?

I think that's it for now, will probably think of more dependent on the answers!