'Aliens: Colonial Marines' shows off ten minutes of gameplay

By Todd Kenreck
Game studio Gearbox Software is attempting to make a true sequel to the film "Aliens" only in video game form. The game developers on their YouTube channel released ten minutes of footage from the game with Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford giving commentary. The video and voice-over are the same demo that we experienced at E3 earlier this year in June.

The video immediately evokes the feeling of the film 'Aliens' with familiar locations, atmospherics, even reproduced camera shots; but the movements of the Aliens and the spine-tingling sounds they make are what sell the experience. Hearing that familiar motion sensor ping is always a classic anxiety-inducing device as well. Reproducing key elements you remember from the original film is one thing, but to make a sequel you need new scares, story, and even new aliens in the form of the 'Crusher' alien featured in the video; a tougher, more bullish monster. Games have revisited the Aliens movies before, but this appears to capture the essence of the series better than many of the film sequels much like many Star Wars games have.
A scripted demo can't replace actually playing the game ourselves but it certainly is proof of concept when it comes to the feel and type of gameplay they are trying to achieve. The fact that 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' will feature cooperative play like 'Left 4 Dead' may be the most exciting feature of all.
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