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Thread: Hypothetical question.

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    Hypothetical question.

    To start off, I'm new here. I'm worried that this is not the right section. Anyways, I've read some guides on soft modding and priiloader and bootmii. Now I have a 4.3u wii, soft modded with bootmii installed as IOS, and priiloader installed as well. If my wii happened to brick how would I go about fixing it? I'm clueless on this. I've googled and used the search bar.

    If there is someone who can tell me how to unbrick a wii. Inform me please.

    Once again if this is the wrong section, I'm sorry, please move it where it should be.

    edit: also if there is a guide and or explanation to this somewhere else feel free to post it, but i couldn't find it.
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    you send your wii and your copy of the nand to a nand programmer...

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    Sorry for being a bit uneducated on the fact, but could you explain what you mean?

    Are you saying there is no way that I could do it my self?

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    sure, get the required hardware to do it yourself, or better yet, just don't brick your Wii cowboying it with themes and downloaded/pirated wads...

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    Sorry for bugging you.

    edit: lock it.


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