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Thread: Anyone successfully get dvdx/mplayer working on 3.4?

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    Anyone successfully get dvdx/mplayer working on 3.4?

    I have found the files online and did the install but it is not working. Has anyone had luck with this? If so where do you get the files you are using?

    I really do not want to have to downgrade unless that is the only way, I already have everything else on my Wii and homebrew the way I want it.

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    I had the 3.4V and had no luck with the DVDx Installer, however I downgraded to 3.2 by following the EmperorOfCanda's VERY VERY EASY TUTORIAL
    After that DVDx INstalled perfectly and using Mplayer DVD Ed. My dvd's play perfectly even ones that wouldn't play at all on my regular DVD player!

    If you already have the HB Channel installed then skip the first step to install it and put everything accept the private folder and the boot.dol straight on you SD Card and if you already have an APPS FOLDER then all you have to do is stick the files in the apps folder straight into the apps folder on your SD Card. Hope this helps!

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    Can I upgrade back to the newer firmware after the install and it still work?

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    iam pretty sure it wuldn't the point of the updates are basically to screw us b/c we modded the wii


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