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Thread: Wii 3.0e Won't Bannerbomb from SD

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    Wii 3.0e Won't Bannerbomb from SD

    Hello, I got a 2nd hand Wii today, it was a old Wii that doesn't appear to have ever been updated (it was still using 2.x system menu when i got it but now it is 3.0e since i played Mario Galaxy to update it to that since 3.0 is needed for the BannerBombv1) and now i have it at 3.0e i tried to do the Bannerbomb using the guide at
    i followed that guide, i used a Sandisk 2GB SD card, Formatted it into FAT32 (i tried both the program at the guide above, my camera and windows XP to format the card and even tried a kingston 512mb SD card), Unziped the files to the SD card's root using 7-zip then put the Card into my Wii, went to the bottom left hand corner click on settings, Data Management and then on the Channels page then clicked on SD along the top, And hey presto, a completely blank screen (just like when you first get your wii and it has no saves on it), all it does is list how many blocks the card has left, So after trying this a few times i tried again with a FAT formatted card and still no luck, then decided to try the different versions of bannerbomb v1 from
    Index of /aads
    (i tried -
    And still nothing, Then i tried Bannerbomb v2 (out of desperation), and still nothing,
    Then thinking maybe something was wrong with my SD card i decided to copy a save file from my Wii to the SD card to see what would happen, the save transferred correctly so i know the SD card works and the Wii can read it,
    so now i am totally lost, can anyone help please ?

    PS. i also tried searching these forums and the web but couldn't find anyone with the exact same problem as me who had fixed it.

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    Since you are attempting to follow the recommended guide (mauifrog's), why start another unnecessary thread? Where do you think inquiries following a guide go --- within said guide. The spoilers for that revision gave you a URL for the files --- I hope you were using those:

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    @op, ask questions relating to guides, in the threads of those guides.


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