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Thread: Dragon Ball z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - Ripping, Modding....Help?

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    Dragon Ball z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - Ripping, Modding....Help?

    Didn't really find a good forum section for this, so excuse me if this is not "In the right place".

    What I am trying to do, is rip the 3D models, animation and music (I can rip the music, but you'll see my dilemma in a moment), edit them, and put them back into the ISO.

    There are several problems that I am in need of assistance with.

    1 - Extracting the models ; The models are, I presume, in .afs format, which also holds the game's music, voices, textures and possibly other things. I have found no tools to date that can accurately extract the models into a format that can be used with Autodesk 3DSMax and Maya. I have tried using GameExtractor, but all that I got from it were the music files. The models (Or, what I presume to be the models) were in some strange format with no extension.

    2 - Extracting the animations ; By animations, I mean skeletal rigs. I totally want to take all the fighting animations and add a lil' spice. Electric spark here, lower punch there, swifter kick here....You catch my drift. It's the same dilemma as above.

    3 - "Upp-ing" the file size in the Iso ; When you replace files in an ISO, it has a maximum file size limit. If you exceed it, the replaced file wont work, or will crash the game. I know that you can get a hex-editor and change the expected size to higher if need be, but I failed miserably at that. I used DKZ Studio (Or something along those lines) to do that. Bad part is, it didn't work as I expected. I added custom music in the right format and everything, but it just didn't play. Same name an' all.

    If it makes any difference, I am using Windows 7 32 bit, I'm modding the Pal region of the game and my Wii does have brick prevention.

    If anyone could give me any advice, I'd be gratefull.

    Thanks in advance!

    Oh yeah, and here's the file structure :

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    Yea I hear you, I'm looking for help and tools to change textures in the pes series on wii.
    There are tools to load textures but these seemed geared to nintendo games.

    Cos most people love nintendo, they can't be arsed with any other games.

    The files u talk about seem to encrypted jus like pes files. They have an unknown extension.

    Try game graphic studio 7.x aka GGS


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