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Thread: mod gone bad?

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    mod gone bad?

    My in-laws have a Wii that was hardmodded about two years ago.... It worked fine until recently. While I don't know the chip model etc, I do know that the Wii is v 4.0u. No updates have been done on it as the Wii isn't online. What I think happened, is my nephew may have deleted the channel to access the backup... In truth, I don't khow my nephew used to access the backups (was it by clicking on the disc or through neogamma)

    I get an error message (black screen) saying that the disc cannot be read, eject and turn off power etc.. It even gives the error when the disc is trying to be recognised, not just when se try to access the drive.

    I would love any help please..

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    Could be the modchip or it could be the laser is bad. Probably would be a good idea to take the Wii apart and find out what kind of chip is in there for starters.

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    You sure it was hardmodded? Sounds like an omission in that it may be hard and soft modded, why else have NeoGamma on it? Also your thread title reminds me of Bad Days in the Past ("bad mod"), lol...


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