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Thread: Help with disc read error

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    Help with disc read error

    I kept getting the standard disc read error whenever I tried running a game (normal retail) so I tried cleaning the laser multiple times and eventually replaced the laser. I removed the solder point on the ribbon and think I did it correctly but now when I insert a disc I get a clicking sound and an error message. Im pretty sure the disc is spinning but Im wondering if I need to replace the laser motor or if theres anything else I can try. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have just recent changed a lazor and spindle motor, the clicking sound could well be the lazor trying to read the disk when its moving back and forward. i would suggest looking at the drive it should spinup as soon as a disk is inserted if it dont replace the spindle motor. watch out for the 3 screws on the motor as there prone to pop though the drive case if much forse is used to unscrew them



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