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Thread: Wii black screen question

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    Wii black screen question

    One day months ago, I wanted to install something for smash bros brawl and ended up clicking preloader. I didn't want to install it but I am completely retarded.
    So now here I am, I held the reset button because I get the wii black screen of death (
    , and this preloader works and I can access the homebrew channel if I install it every single boot.

    Bottom of screen says IOS v50 systemmenu v385 and preloader v0.29

    Do I follow this guide?:

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    Just follow my softmod any wii guide. Then your wii will work how you like it.
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    From preloader when I click load file, if I load homebrew channel, can't I just load games from there and forget about the main operating system that appears to have broken from this pre loader and be fine? I tried the guide I linked in original post and when I chose to choose a WAD from SD card, it literally would reprint the "Where would you like to install?" but when I tried online or USB it actually did other things. Too much work if I can just use the homebrew channel from pre loader like I'm doing.


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